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michigan. that's where he was born. he lived utah in utah. he was the governor of massachusetts but massachusetts he had a vacation home there. in an effort to shed his massachusetts reputation, he sold his home in massachusetts in april of 2009. romneys sold the massachusetts home for $3.5 million. and then they registered to vote from their son's basement elsewhere in massachusetts. the following january, january 2010, mitt romney voted in massachusetts using his son's basement address. that was in the scott brown for senate race. and that vote, according to this guy, according to fred karger amounts to voter fraud. he is also running for the republican presidential nomination and he filed a complaint with massachusetts election officials alleging that after mitt romney sold his house in massachusetts because he didn't want people to think of him being if from massachusetts he never lived in the state again but he voted there any way. as mother jones put it today, he found it dubious that a guy worth $500 million would be really living in his son's basement. he spent some time
for staying with us for the next hour. this right here, this was mitt romney's house in massachusetts. nice, right? a $3 million estate and a really nice lovely town outside of boston called belmont, massachusetts. in april of 2009, mitt romney sold this estate in belmont with the pool. you can see it there and the tennis court. this, i think, is one of mitt romney's son's houses. this is just around the corner from the old mitt romney estate in the same town in belmont after selling his $3 million home in belmont, massachusetts, mitt romney and his wife, who are millionaires. they say they moved into a basement apartment in this house, in their son's house. this house just around the corner the old house they sold. the basement of the son's house was mitt romney's official residence in massachusetts. the rules of massachusetts residency when it comes to voting is clear. your place of residency for voting must be where you dwell, must be where you live, and it must also be the center of your domestic, social and civil life. nice. was mitt romney's son's basement where he dwells? was it the
in massachusetts large hail reports that complex off the coast. thankfully so. we get fresh air building in behind it. and we have ourselves a look at improving conditions but fire weather because the strong winds and dry conditions and all that heat we had with the third day in a row of record. yesterday set at 98. a cool are day today, but the winds will be gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. arnold starts at 73 degrees. 63 bel air. 69 hereford and up towards westminster, that is a sign of an improvement and will get better. we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. outlook coming up. but we have a check on traffic right now. >> reporter: we are doing okay for the most part traffic wise. not a bad morning. the main highways are doing pretty well. let's look at the beltway 695 at willkins on southwest side. -- wilkins on southwest side. inner loop no problems. traffic is flowing freely. we have an accident in the city to tell you about. it's going to be in baltimore city bank street at quintin street bank street at quintin. be aware of that. water main work going on in pikesville. that c
massachusetts tornadoes pop up where they're almost never seen. a string of tornadoes killed 4 and injured others. we have the latest from wjz from springfield, massachusetts. >>> a powerful tornado picked this home off of its foundation and flipped it upside down home next door was ripped apart and flattened. this damaged 19 communities. >> everything went off of the house! >> reporter: residents are told to stay off of the roads as crews work to assess the damage and begin cleaning up. this morning, sharon jordan was using an ax to break up a tree that fell on her car. >> reporter: the storms came out of nowhere. one tornado formed over the connecticut river. it flipped a tractor trailer and then, headed into downtown springfield. >> i was yelling to him, cover up, put your hands over your head and ride it out. there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: the wind uprooted this decade old tree. it pulled up this sidewalk like a can opener. tornadoes are rare in this part of the country. this was the strongest tornado in 45 years. this basketball hall of fame is now a staging area for emergen
was, of course, the governor of massachusetts. but as far as new hampshire goes, mitt romney just had one of his vacation homes there. but in his effort to shed his massachusetts reputation, mitt romney sold his home in massachusetts in april 2009. the romneys sold the massachusetts home for $3.5 million, and then they registered to vote from their son's basement elsewhere in massachusetts. yeah, the following january, january 2010, mitt romney voted in massachusetts using his son's basement address. that was in the scott brown for senate race. and that vote, according to this guy, according to fred carrag r carragher, amounts to voter fraud on mitt romney's part. he's also running for the republican presidential nomination. he filed a complaint today, alleging that after mitt romney sold his house in massachusetts because he didn't want people to think of him as being from massachusetts, he never lived in the state. again. but he voted there anyway. as mother jones put it today, fred carragher, quote, found it dubious that a guy worth with $500 million would really be living in his
and deadly tornadoes carve a path through massachusetts. >>> trick or tweet? congressman anthony weiner speaks out about the controversy surrounding a lewd photo on his twitter account. >>> and time-out. what's the buzz behind this bizarre scene at a brazilian soccer match? >>> good morning, everyone, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead in is "first look" on msnbc.ç >>> we begin this morning with northeast twisters. tornado devastation has become a familiar sight in the midwest this spring. now new england of all places is dealing with twister wreckage of its own. a line of storms triggered rare tornados in massachusetts yesterday, killing at least four people. for more now we go to nbc's kurt gregory. >> reporter: nature's power captured on camera again, this time in springfield, massachusetts. the tower cam at the nbc affiliate shows what appears to be a tunnelling funnel cloud whirling above the city. residents were stunned. >> we had a tornado come down and took out houses behind our building. >> reporter: several build innings springfield were heavily damage
. >>> state of emergency. killer tornadoes roar through massachusetts, causing widespread destruction, and at least four deaths. >>> a double dip. new fears the economic recovery is losing steam, after a batch of bad news, including a steep drop on wall street. >>> and trick or tweet? the curious case of congressman anthony weiner, a racy photo, and a scandalous story gone anthony weiner, a racy photo, and a scandalous story gone viral. captioning funded by cbs >>> and good morning, everyone, on this thursday, i'm terrell brown, in for betty nguyen. we begin with another round of deadly tornadoes, and it isn't the midwest or south that was hit, but, of all places, massachusetts. the storms hit late yesterday afternoon. this twister swirling over the connecticut river roared through downtown springfield, massachusetts. it caused severe damage. at least four people were killed and statewide at least 40 were injured. a state of emergency is in effect this morning. manuel gallegus is in springfield with more. manny, good morning to you. what's the latest? >> well, terrell, the tornadoes t
. >>> a state of emergency in massachusetts this mong after powerful tore neighed ---- morning after powerful tornadoes left behind a trail of destruction. it's june 2nd. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. heat has been our concern but the storm in springfield was nasty. >> that's one of the most incredible videos i've seen. wait until you see this picking up the water and throwing debrisin all directions. it happened around 4:30. and when we are going to take record heat three days in a row, and break it, something has to happen. we missed out on the storms in baltimore. widespread outbreak of tore nidos in massachusetts leaving four fatalities, but a lot of hail. that's hail damage down to the south and basically just east of dc where the nasty storms hit through annapolis in the anne arundel county area. we missed out on it but we get in on the nicer air mass. we are watching that frontal boundary sweep off the coast and closer to home we cleared things out and cooled it down to 69 in baltimore and it's going to feel much better but it's going to be windy a
. phil, thank you. a state of emergency this afternoon in massachusetts after several powerful tornadoes tore across parts of that state and the video is incredible. a rare strike. certainly for this part of the country. the officials say it killed three people including a woman they say died trying to protect her teen able daughter by using her body to cover the girl as the stock market slammed interest them. we are told that hundreds more were hurt when the twister, look at this, when they touched down. the magnitude and severity said to be "unprecedented in massachusetts history." this dramatic video shows the cloud, one of them, blasting through the city of springfield, massachusetts, and across the border, or across the connecticut river 90 miles west of boston. >> everything blew off. everything went off. everything is gone. >> your life changes after that. >>shepard: more than a dozen communities in central and western massachusetts waking to scenes like this. the governor says he declared a state of emergency and called up 1,000 members of the national guard. and now our new engl
is running. the former massachusetts gov. kicked off his campaign today. >> i am running for president of the united states. >> mitt romney addressed a group gross supporters at a new hampshire formant pledged to fix the economy and pledged president obama of "failing america." >> we see him filling that role but it is not that clear that he is head and shoulders above other people and has to be kicked off that pedestal. >> from a loss. gop nomination but said he is confident he is the right guy to take on president obama. romney could have competition if sarah palin joins the race. she was in new hampshire as part of her bus tour. romney needs to explain the health care mandate he signed into law as governor, she said and she said her visit was in no way an effort to steal the spotlight. rudy giuliani also visited new hampshire. we will find out how two maryland students performed during the finals of the spelling bee. with ting the odds education. >> this time, canceling the talks might point to a positive break out. -- brickner. >> another were the normal day. not nearly as hot and
tornado this time in massachusetts. where it cut it's destructive path and why thhre was almost no warning. 3& aad joplin shares the same pain. what grim marker they've hit in their recovery effforts. 33 "i think its some b. s. common sense. why new rules bus. 3 & 3 this... massive tornado .../ gained strength.../ as... it sucked water ...into the sky.../ right... out... of the connecticut riverr../. ááitáá then crossed .. into massaahussetts.../ áá4áá people... are dead.../ ááhundredsáá &p more injured.../. áátonightáá/.../ , springfield maasachusetts just.../ ppcking up the pieces.../ from this... freak storm,.../// of ...the deaaliest seasons - ...on record..../// áámollyáá line... is on the ground.../ to... devistaaing... afterma. aftermath. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ---
-runner go the distance? or will the record in massachusetts weigh him down. our panel weighs in next. >> paul: well, he is ahead in most polls and raised more money than any of the other g.o.p. hopefuls. this week, mitt romney made it official, launching his second attempt for the republican presidential nomination. >> the principles that made this nation great and powerful leader of the world have not lost their meaning. they never will. we know we can bring this country back. i'm romney. i believe in america. i'm running for president of the united states. [ applause ] >> paul: back with ken strassal and steve moore and senior "wall street journal" editorial writer joe. why does mitt romney think that this time he can win the nomination he lost in 2008? >> first, he has experience. he has done this already. so he is not going to make some of the mistakes he made last time. you are seeing a more disciplined mitt romney come out. there is an argument that there are certain candidates for certain time. mike huckabee appeals to the value voters. john mccain appealed to voters intereste
massachusetts is the latest target. rolling out romney 2.0. mitt romney announces his second try for the republican presidential tom nation. and changing the shape of the american diet. the pyramid is out, the plate is in. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> smith: good evening. we begin with a computer hacking case that carries huge international implications. that's because the targets included hundreds of high-level u.s. government officials. google says their personal gmail accounts were compromised and the attacks originated in china. today the f.b.i. was called in to investigate as federal agencies scrambled to find out if the hackers got any sensitive information. wyatt andrews has more. >> reporter: it's the second time google has blamed a major computer hacking scheme on china. this time, google says, unknown hackers from gin narntion china, a city with a military command center stole the personal gmail passengers of hundreds of senior u.s. government officials. google said the hacker's goal was to eavesdrop on thea,de,-r7v officials, the monito
to get out of the rain. >>> following the latest developments from massachusetts after severe storms pounded parts of that state. deadly tornadoes ripped apart homes uprooted trees, and scattered debris. four people were killed. >> the hardest hit area was springfield, 90 miles west of boston. now the latest from jummy olabanji. >> it was a rare sighting yesterday. far away from the south or the midwest, several tornadoes swirled through massachusetts yesterday a a state that has not been a tornado since 2008. at least four people were killed and 40 injured. one tornado touched down in or around the town of springfield. it leveled houses and buildings and even some historic structures. the twister turned over cars and down trees and power lines. rescue workers are going house- to-house and building to building searching for survivors. summer stock in their cars and homes, trapped by downed power lines. >> the house was flattened. we were holding on to the water pipes in the basement and everything was shaking. >> tens of thousands of people are without power this morning. the electri
. but this sort of storm not very typical in springfield, massachusetts. where the tornado was captured on tape along the connecticut river. one witness described it as seeing king kong take a walk. that's how he described the damage. >> really looks like something out of a movie. very hard to believe folks there in massachusetts were watching this in front of their eyes. not the only weather concern this morning, with north dakota, evacuation orders there are going waters are now overflowing. >> pampering pets to an extreme. is there really such a thing with pets. can you love them too much? >> i think not. >> see who has led a three-pound poodle into a questionable lap of luxury. the question is you'd do this for your dogs? >> may draw the line at the bows. oh, my goodness. manicures. maybe the manicures too. >> it's a dog's life. >> we do want to update you on the deadly tornados touching down in western massachusetts. at least four people there have died. >> in fact, the first fatal tornado in the state in 16 years. the threat is not over yet. t.j. winick is joining us with the latest. tj?
weather. a series of rare and deadly tornados cause a path through massachusetts. >>> trick or tweet? congressman anthony weinor speaks out about the controversy surrounding a lewd photo on his twitter account. >>> and time-out, what's the buzz behind this bizarre speed >>> and time-out, what's the buzz behind this bizarre speed at a brazilian soccer match? captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with northeast twisters. tornado devastation has become a familiar sight in the midwest this spring. but new england, of all places, is not as common. but now they are dealing with twister wreckage of its own. a line of storms triggered rare tornados in massachusetts yesterday, killing at least four people. for more now, we go to nbc's kurt gregory. >>> nature's power captured on camera again. this time, in springfield, massachusetts. the tower cam at the nbc affiliate shows what appears to be a towering funnel cloud whirling above the city. residents were stunned. >> we had a tornado come down and took out houses behind our b
profile. born new york city. 60 years of age. wife mila. three children. bs chemistry. massachusetts institute of technology, hpd. molecular biology. university of massachusetts medical center. 15 years, men's rowing team, 1984. meiversity of massachusetts etdical school center for mindfulness and medicine, healthcare and society executive director five years, board member three years and currently, cambridge insight meditation center, board member, 19 years and currently. mind and life institute, boulder, colorado, a group that organizes dialogues between the dalai lama, vis chair of the board and crefntly. just published, coming to our senses. healing ourselves and the world through mindfulness. also, earlier best sellers "wherever you go, there you are" "full catastrophe, living and every day blessings." >> hobbies, running, inline skating, swimming, cosmology, string theory, high energy physics, backpacking and kayaking. name. >> -- jon kabat-zinn. >> dr. jon kabat-zinn. who is william james. >> he is spoken as of the father of american psychology. >> here's a quote from him. the
and vicious tornado powers across massachusetts. we'll have the damage reports tonight. >>> lethal outbreak. europe scrambles to deal with an e. coli strain never seen in humans. and the americans are watching this one closely. >> and a spectacular show. after a long, hard winter, one of the nation's most beautiful places has come alive like never before. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. a lot of people have been saying lately, this country is pulling out of economic recession, perhaps. but tonight, there is evidence to the contrary, and lots of it. some bad set of numbers that show real trouble still ahead. there's housing. home prices at their lowest since 2002. there are now 2.25 million foreclosures in this country. there's jobs, unemployment is stuck at 9%. 8 million americans are on unemployment. all those jobs gone away in the recession. and the cost of living is hitting hard. gas, food, everything is so expensive, that a lot of people, millions of americans are just spending to live. we want to start out by taking a big pictu
. >> with those words and others, former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, is making another run for the white house. during the announcement the republicans slammed the president saying mr. obama made the recession under president bush worse. >> i have looked for the successes and failures. turning around a crisis takes experience and bold action. for means of americans, the -- for millions of americans, the economy is in crisis today. unless we change course, it will be in crisis tomorrow. >> he lost to arizona senator john mccain in 2008. he could have competition if sarah palin joins the race. her bus tour took her to new hampshire today. she says romney needs to explain the health care mandate he signed into law as governor. he has already said that what worked in massachusetts should not be forced on all 50 states. a massachusetts woman found out that baby cats do have nine lives. she thought she had lost merlon in the tornado that level her home last night. today, neighbors will be capped from the rubble. that was one bright spot out of a very difficult day for western massachusetts res
expiration of the book. >> rose: the governor of massachusetts, iranian reform, and emotions in the workplace when we continue. we allll roofor.who ats s the ds l acacrossmeririca.p@t@@@btsta , a ststis b burneor t mididnighol thl@ for r a re herero, iyou u wannrt pporort sml bubusine. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: deval patrick is here. he is the governor of massachusetts. in his first term, he oversaw the implementation of the state's alth careeform program. today more than 98% of massachusetts residents have health care insurance. for a second term, he's focusing on education reform and, of urse, on balancing the budget. he was raised on the south side of icago. after a scholarship to miln academy, in massacsetts, he attended harvard university and harvard law school. he's written a new book about this journey of his. it is calle "a reason to believe: lesso fromn improbable life." i'm pleased to have him at this table. welcome. >> thank you. thank you so much for having me. >> rose: so talk about growing up. an
twisters to reach massachusetts. the state gets an average of two a year. that's why what happened yesterday still has people in shock. heavy damage, 200 injured and three dead. wit johnson is in springfield, mass. good evening. >> reporter: it's as if the tornadoes chose at random which buildings to crush and which buildings to leave standing. recently we've seen images like this and other parts of the country but not here, not in new england and many were caught off guard. for new englanders, the sight of tornadoes ripping across massachusetts... >> oh, my god! >> reporter: ...was as shocking as it was terrifying. few knew how to react. what did it look like? >> like a big round circle, just a funnel. it was scary. it really was. >> reporter: at least two tornadoes tore through more than a dozen towns in the central and western part of the state. >> people responded promptly to the warnings and we didn't get much by way of morning. >> reporter: only about ten minutes minutes. >> only about ten minutes. >> reporter: hundred year old oaks were ripped in two, this empty school bus w
in massachusetts >> toppling trees and have a high winds i will have more >> toppling trees and have a high winds i will have more on this story. marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >> good morning is june 2nd and taking a look at are here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. may forecast high in '70s today showers are showing up for friday and saturday. >> we had wacky weather in massachusetts, state of emergency was reported. 4 people were killed in the twisters that hit the state. residents were shocked to see a tornado hit the met east. >> an unusual sight in western massachusetts, springfield was hit from 430 on. >> this is probably all once in a hundred years weather event. >> storms took down trees and weathered homes. >> we could see coming through the parking lot and trees were just worked out from the top >> i hit and covered the kids >> the governor has declared a state of emergency, it is now clean up and search and rescue
at the presidency. the former massachusetts governor made his announcement up the road in new hampshire. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports romney has plenty of company in the race and in the granite state. >> i'm mitt romney. nibble america. i'm run for president o runningf the united states. >> surrounded by who's who of new hampshire republicans, mitt romney launched his second bid for the white house in the state of the first primary. >> barack obama has failed america. >> reporter: with his failed 2008 run, the self-made multimillionaire businessman emphasizes his economic experience. >> from my first day in office, my number one job will be to see that america once again is number one in job creation. >> he leads most polls but his record as former governor of massachusetts troubles some conservatives for his past support of abortion rights and for signing massachusetts healthcare reform into law. sarah palin's bus tour rolled in to historic boston. at bunker hill she fired a shot at romney care for the government mandated participation. in my opinion, any mandate coming
republican rivals. he's getting a weird assist from state officials in the great state of massachusetts.  >>> the best new thing in the world today is very good. i have to forewarn you, however, that it involves this. it involves a lot of [ bleep ]. but it is worth it. that's the new thing in the world today coming up at the end of the show. >>> i'm grateful to all those from across massachusetts who came through for me even when it was a long shot, and i especially want to thank a very special friend whose encouragement from the beginning helped show me the way and helped show us the way to victory, and that is former governor mitt romney. >> republican senator scott brown of massachusetts. the night of his special election victory, celebrating his big upset win with a big shout out to mitt romney. mitt romney, as you heard scott brown say there, helped guide mr. brown to victory that night. do you want to see where mitt romney, mitt romney, the multimillionaire, former governor of massachusetts, was living at that time? do you want to see where he was apparently mentoring sco
across massachusetts pummeling nearly 20 communities. those areas look like war zones right now. homes destroyed, trees uprooted, debris all over the place. jenna: check out these dramatic pictures we just got in. the tornado, as it gained strength, sucking up water you can see from the river. the mayor of springfield folks in the his city got just a ten minute warning before disaster struck. >> i'm looking at the funnel right now. you've got the get in your basement. so she ran down, unfortunately, he dog is -- i don't know. can't find the dog. yeah, yeah. so the house is totally flattened. and we ran down in the basement, and we were holding on to the water pipes, and everything was shaking. all the glass was being, you know, thrown into the basement. my mind goes back to the wizard of oz, you know? just thinking of that movie and just holding on to, in the movie twister and just holding on to metal pipes, you know? they were shaking while we were holding on to them, and things were coming through the basement windows. >> everything was flying through the house. it was -- you felt ho
this morning, downtown tornado. killer twisters tear into massachusetts, smashing springfield. pulverizing homes in one of new england's largest cities. >> i was sitting here. watching the storm business. this is my house. >> commuters helpless in their cars, as the tornado makes a direct hit on the highway. >> it was very scary, only because you didn't have anywhere to go. >> now, at least four dead at this hour. tens of thousands without power. widespread damage across the state as first responders head door to door to look for survivors. our josh elliott is live from the tornado zone. >>> photo frenzy. the powerful congressman caught in a controversy over a racy picture tweeted from his account. >> it was someone sending a picture of a wiener on weiner's account. >> the congressman fires back this morning. >>> and caught on tape. a home invasion nightmare. an intruder breaks in right in the middle of the day. targeting a mom and her son. they're okay. but we have the 911 call you have to hear to believe. >>> and what a scary sight it was in springfield, massachusetts, last
rates and messaging apply. >> massachusetts governor deval patrick discusses his live at the national press club here in washington. this program originally aired live online at it's about 45 minutes. >> in january 2007 deval patrick became the first african-american governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts. and one of only two african-american governors elected in american history. that was just, that was just one triumphant step in a long and probable journey that began on the south side of chicago. from a chaotic childhood to an elite boarding school in new england to a soldier doing relief work in africa to the boardrooms of fortune 500 companies and now to a career in politics, governor patrick has led an extraordinary life. throughout this journey he was guided by the advice of his grandmother; hope for the best and work for it. and now it is my pleasure to introduce governor deval patrick. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you all for coming out evening, i appreciate it very much. there is only one part of the introduction which needs to be corrected, i
tornadoes that tore through western and central massachusetts late yesterday. four people were killed, 33 more were injured in the city of springfield alone. and for those who lived through it, they say it's something they'll never forget. >> we had a tornado come down, and took off houses behind our building. >> obviously very emotional. nbc's mike taibbi is in springfield, massachusetts. >> reporter: people around here had not seeneáeájjt quite like this in almost half a century. this footage captured as the tornado touched down in springfield. the driver stopping in absolute disbelief to document the twister as it clawed at everything in its path. >> oh, my god. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] ♪ >> this is a 22 news storm team weather alert. >> narrator: it -- >> reporter: it was after 4:30 in the afternoon -- >> at least one tornado has touched down. >> reporter: in the end two fully formed tornadoes had scraped the landscape of springfield and a dozen nearby towns, leaving everyone shaken. >> all of the buildings collapsed, the back of my aunt's house is gone. she has nowhere to go. >> it w
to resign after the recovery firms up. the governor of massachusetts says it is a blessing that there were not more fatalfies from two tornadoes that hit the state wednesday. world molly line shows us the damage from springfield. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. at least two tornadoes set down in central massachusetts wreaking havoc in neighborhoods. three people were killed many people were caught by surprise. never expecting to see such violent storms here. the image on one twister speaks to the sheer power of the storms that left immense damage and shock in their wake. >> surveying the destruction, families are overwhelmed worried about friends and loved ones. >> family torn up and lost everything. >> massachusetts governor deval patrick declared a state of emergency calling thousands of national guard members to duty. they urged residents to check on the neighbor amidst crumpled homes. >> we have a real mess on our hands here. we are all in this together. for those who are feeling quite understandably that they can't imagine what a better tomorrow looks like, i want to assure t
institute >> a state of emergency in massachusetts. tornadoes once again strike a town, leaving four dead. fema is on the ground and the national guard has been called in to clean the damage. trees scattered all over the place, several vehicles destroyed. and an entire home lifted off of its foundation and flipped on its roof. our washington bureau reporter kate amara has more. >> this is a degree from a tornado and it is forming right in our midst. >> destructive weather hit again. this time, deadly tornadoes in massachusetts. >> this is probably once in a hundred years, or maybe more, what that event. >> the mayor of springfield said at least four killed and dozens -- dozens injured. the governor declared a state of the emergency. >> we called up to 1000 national guard members to help with search and rescue, with debris removal, and other ways that unnecessary. >> across the midwest, clean-up continues in communities wracked by tornadoes and floods. the fed already distributing $150 million in assistance, leaving some to wonder how much more can the government afford.
massachusetts governor didn't waste any time criticizing his opponent, blaming president obama for the nation's weak economy. meanwhile, noncandidate sarah palin caused a stir of her own in new hampshire, railing against the health plan romney approved while governor in massachusetts. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. a chaotic chase began in west virginia, eventually coming to an end in ohio. after crashing into an officer, the suspect took off and was later stopped and arrested when police fired on his vehicle grazing his leg. >>> new amateur video of the deadly tornado in massachusetts surfaced. a resident stayed in the area captured the twist he as it ripped through homes and trees. hundreds were injured, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. >>> not all the news was bad in the wake of that massachusetts storm. residents banded together to clear a bright spot for one of their neighbors. clearing away the debris to pull a cat from the rubble. the cat, named merlin, was fine. >>> timely, in florida, an invasion of super sized grassh
. but it was tornadoes, not hurricanes, that wreaked havoc in massachusetts tonight. at least two confirmed tornadoes touched down there, with four reported deaths so far. the first fatal tornado in that state in 16 years. it didn't look like a massachusetts storm. it looked like a prairie twister, except this one was blowing right up the connecticut river. one of at least two tornadoes spotted in western massachusetts this evening, followed the river right into the town of west springfield, carrying with it a debris field hundreds of feet high and turning the water into a giant swirling caldron. at least four were reported killed in the storms. governor deval patrick appeared tonight to declare a state of emergency. >> we'll do whatever we have to do to meet the needs of people, to protect public safety and to help people get back on their feet. >> reporter: the governor said about 1,000 national guard troops are being deployed to help with search and rescue and debris removal. 19 communities were affected. fema was on the ground in west springfield, where some roofs were completely torn off and oth
. the former massachusetts governor didn't waste any time criticizing his opponent, blaming president obama for the nation's weak economy. meanwhile, noncandidate sarah palin caused a stir of her own in new hampshire, raling against the health plan romney approved while governor in massachusetts. >>> former mccain campaign adviser appeared on the last word with lawrence o'donnell and he was asked if he thinks more serious republican candidates should be concerned about the role that palin will play leading up to the 2012 elections. >> when you look at the early states, iowa. in that, south carolina, all of these states and the citizens in them both republicans and democrats take this process very seriously. and i think because they take it very seriously, she will have a very difficult time. and at the end of the day, this is a process that culminates in election days where the eventual all nominee has to garner more votes than their opponent. and so on that basis, i don't think she is going to be successful if she decided to run the race. and, again, i think i think it's impossible to pred
'll follow up on the tornado that is ripped through massachusetts. people there have never seen anything like it. >> our next storm moves in over the weekend and could produce >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> tragedy in san francisco. a house fire that resulted in one firefighter losing his life and another in critical condition and third released from the hospital. they are live at the hospital where the firefighter is treated. >> you can feel the emotion here earlier today when so many firefighters and police officers were. this is where the firefighter died and one is fighting for his life. the third one, a woman is treat release. a solemn procession as the body of the veteran firefighter left the hospital. solemn occasion and the expressions say it all. firefighters filled with grief mourning one of their own. the body of lieutenant perez was taken away with escort the fire department. the fire chief called him valient as she made the painful announcement. >> we have been able to notify his family and i want to ask you to keep his family and the fairfield fire
>> tornadoes in massachusetts. in our region >> a late filled -- day filled with wild weather. >> alarm started going off. >> dramatic video. heavy winds and hail hit our region. our store watched him as every angle. possible pay raises in the district. the plan from the mayor that could raise some salaries as much as $100,000. rhianna's ron cdo. what parents say this is going too far. >> life and in hd. this is abc7 breaking news. >> a pair of tornadoes have killed four people and injured numerous others. the worst of the storms hit at the start of the evening rush hour. it destroyed homes and vehicles and injured dozens. new video of the storm as it happens in springfield 90 miles outside boston. this is the video now gaining national attention. a local television station captured the formation of a tornado over the connecticut river near downtown springfield. one of several twisters that may have touched down in massachusetts. >> windows started breaking and trees started coming down and wind -- a rhodes started coming off. it was scary. >> a springfield resident recorded t
in massachusetts. we will show you the cleanup going on today. >>> and they get to keep the badges but they are punish. what happens to two baltimore police officers convicted of stranding two 15-year-old boys far from their homes. [ music ] ♪ >> and a huge crowd gathers in the streets of jerusalem making a significant day. they are marking this day. we will tell you what this is all about. those stories and just ahead but first that massive tornado has ripped through western massachusetts. this is new video. it hit yesterday afternoon around 4:30 in the afternoon. and around springfield massachusetts. this morning, four people are dead. the national guard has arrived in that community to help right now tens of thousands are without power. >>> this is a story we have been following throughout the night. a thousand national guard troops on ground in massachusetts. this is the bigtory -- shall story and it is -- big story and it's tied again to the weather. >> all the tornadoes. meteorologist justin berk is following the story in the weather center. but we are going to begin this m
. former massachusetts governor mitt romney announced his candidacy in the first primary state of new hampshire. but even as romney was taking some sharp swipes at president obama, sarah palin and rudy giuliani appeared in the same state and took some swipes at romney. our chief political correspondent candy crowley was there. >> appreciate your help. >> he is the heaviest hitter in the republican field right now, and mitt romney came to play. >> now in the third year of his fourth year term or his four-year term, we have more than slogans and promises to judge him by. barack obama has failed america. you know, if you want to create jobs, it helps to have actually had a job. and i have. >> he excoriated all things obama, foreign and domestic, including the president's health care plan, not unlike the one romney signed as governor of massachusetts, an uncomfortable similarity he tossed off in a single line. >> not perfect, but it was a state solution to our state's problem. >> reporter: from hey bales to hot dogs, the trappings were pure americana. on the banner beneath his name, the w
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